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Holmes Tutoring: Bundle Sessions, Camps, and Ongoing Classes

Bundle sessions are now available at Holmes Tutoring! Bundle sessions are tutoring sessions that are grouped together to help you maximize your savings. Individual tutoring sessions cost between $25-50, depending on the content needed, but when you group the sessions together, you end up saving hundreds of dollars a month in tutoring fees.

*Update 5/17/21- As of now, Holmes Tutoring does not offer single-session classes. Only Bundle sessions, ongoing classes, and camps are offered.

I get it, tutoring can be expensive! However, not getting tutoring could end up costing you a lot more money down the road. Because I have such a strong passion when it comes to tutoring, I've found myself on several occasions wanting to just give away tutoring lessons for free! I know, I know, this is my area of expertise and I should charge based on quality and results just like every other profession. So, I designed the bundle sessions to be a win-win solution for all parties.

There are currently three bundle sessions offered: The Silver Bundle Plan, The Bronze Bundle Plan, and The Gold bundle plan. After students are assessed during the "students mandatory first session," the guardian will receive a bundle plan recommendation based on data and they can sign up for a bundle session before the first class begins.

1. The Bronze Bundle Plan- is currently only offered to students needing reading, math, or beginning ESL tutoring. This bundle is not offered to advanced ESL students. This bundle is designed for students needing phonological awareness, phonics, comprehension, speaking and listening flashcards (ESL/ELL), and basic math review.

2. The Silver Bundle Plan- is currently offered to students needing more intensive reading, ESL/ELL, or math tutoring. This bundle is designed for students who benefit from receiving intensive direct instruction in reading, ESL/ELL, or math, and a comprehensive direct instruction program is used. These students are usually those who qualify to receive Special Education Services or have Dyslexia. Workbooks are provided via digital copy for students who sign up for this plan. Students are expected to have their workbooks ready and extra practice assignments completed for each class.

3. The Gold Bundle- is currently offered to students needing more intensive reading, ESL/ ELL, or math tutoring. This bundle is very similar to the Silver Bundle with a few exceptions. With this bundle, students will have video recordings of each lesson, will have access to apps where extra practice is assigned based on individual needs, and a comprehensive progress monitoring report will be sent monthly. This will help students and parents see the progress of performance in a monitoring chart that is easy to read. The progress monitoring report can also be sent to teachers to help them keep track of what students are learning in class.

4. Camps- Camps are offered during different seasons of the year. Camps last anywhere between 1 week - 8 weeks and clients book all sessions together when signing up for camps. As of now, there are two reading camps that are being offered and a STEM camp being developed. Visit the camps page at:

5. Ongoing classes- These are group classes offered on a recurring basis. Clients book each session separately. Students don't have to join each class in order to know what is taking place in a subsequent class. These classes are meant for students to pop in and out as they desire more practice on skills needing refining. This is perfect for students needing to socialize, needing more assistance with one skill, or wanting a weekly routine.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the bundle sessions, camps, or ongoing classes or would like to know more about the direct instruction or ESL library platforms used at Holmes Tutoring. Happy saving!

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