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Outschool: What is it?

Outschool is amazing! It is a fun virtual teaching platform with literally thousands of topics to choose from. Outschool is for students ranging from 3 years old to I think mid-teens. It is a great school alternative for homeschool students or for students who have an interest in a certain topic not taught in school. There are multi-day classes, one-time classes, flex classes, and my personal favorite, ongoing classes.

The topics on Outschool are endless. Whether your child is interested in learning how to cook a four-course meal, interested in coding, or just wants extra help with phonics, Outschool will be your one-stop-shop! I'm currently teaching an ongoing class titled All about the ABC's and have three amazing learners enrolled thus far. Feel free to check it out ( Now I will describe the differences in the classes.

  1. Multi-day classes-are classes that meet more than once a week for a designated number of weeks. The teacher chooses the number of days per week students will meet as well as how many weeks the students will meet. The class sizes also depend on the teacher.

  2. One-time classes- are classes that meet once. These classes are not in-depth classes. They are usually broad in a topic and are a great way for students to try out teachers before committing to ongoing or multi-day classes with that particular teacher.

  3. Flex classes- are great for older students who may be more independent. These classes are not live classes, but communication is conducted on the Outschool platform on a weekly basis. The teacher will post some things related to the class on the Outschool platform, and then encourage their students to have discussions during the week. Even though the class doesn't meet virtually, teachers will still be available to answer questions and to check over any assignments or extra practice the students receive during the weeks.

  4. On-going classes- are my personal favorite. These classes don't depend on prior knowledge and continue going until the teacher decides to end the class. The teacher decides how many times students will meet in a week. Students will continue to meet until the teacher cancels the class.

The classes vary in size. Some classes can have as little as two students and some classes can have several more. Parents can browse the Outschool website to find classes they may be interested in and follow teachers to get notified about upcoming classes that teacher will be teaching. Check out Outschool today and leave a comment below and tell us which classes you decided to enroll your children in.

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